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Areas of practice

Are you going through negotiations for a major contract of your career, or are in conflict with the club, or are you perhaps a club that has a pending dispute with CFF of FIFA?

The legal experts in Sports Law will be with you in the following cases:

  • Representation before Sports Arbitration Tribunal and the Council of Arbitration for sport of Croatian Olimpic committee
  • Representation in negotiations between players and clubs
  • Preparation of the employment contracts
  • Representation before arbitration court of CFF
  • Representation before the competent bodies of FIFA
  • Representation before CAS

Are you starting a company, buying a competitive company or did you find yourself in a dispute with suppliers?

Our lawyers will help you with counseling and legal procedures in all areas of Commercial Law:

  • Establishment of all types of commercial companies – drafting the Statutes, Articles of Association, Memorandums,Regulations, Rules of procedure
  • Due dilligence of companies
  • Representation in litigation before all Commercial Courts in the Republic of Croatia
  • Representation in insolvency procedures

You find yourself filing for insolvency or bankruptcy, and you need someone to lead you through the long bankruptcy procedure:

  • Lodgement of claims
  • Representation in litigation for determining disputed claims
  • Taking legal actions for bankruptcy procedure commencement
  • Representation of companies throughout bankruptcy procedures

You will need contractual law in the processes of exchange of goods and services between people, and in this case, we are offering our legal knowledge:

  • Representation in contractual disputes
  • Representation in proceedings for damages
  • Drawing up of all types of law of contracts, in particular: contracts of sale, lease agreements, rental agreements, construction contracts, service contracts, loan agreements, contracts of pledge, guarantee contracts

The areas of life covered by administration are numerous and very diverse: from keeping registers and other records, through police and inspection activities, utility services, water management, civil engineering jobs, health jobs, social security, education, culture and many other spheres.

  • Representation in administrative procedures
  • Representation in administrative disputes
  • Preparation of objections to the tax control authority records and records of other control authorities, and conducting proceedings

You are starting an employment and would like to clearly define your rights and obligations, you find yourself in a dispute with the employer/employee or you want to have a collective barguing agreement, contact us for the following legal services:

  • Employment contracts and termination of the said contracts
  • Legal advice and protection of rights in labour dispute
  • Drafting the requirements for protection of labor rights
  • Contracts of trade union association or establishment of employer’s association
  • Collective barguing agreements
  • Representation at hearings in labour disputes
  • Drafting work regulations

Unfortunately, enforcements are sometimes not avoidable, but as much as you believe you are in the right, a good knowledge of enforcement proceedings is needed in order to enforce your claim. Therefore, our experts in Enforcement t Law will guide and advise you throughout the entire process:

  • Drawing up enforcement proposals
  • Representation at hearings for seasure
  • Representation at public auctions
  • Drawing up lawsuits for declaration of enforcement to the illicit
  • Representation at hearings in the procedures of declaring the enforcement to the illicit
  • Representation in enforcement procedures

You are buying or selling a house, you want to register a property, or you are entering a civil engineering project – we are here to offer all types of services:

  • Drawing up preliminary contracts and real estate contracts
  • Redefining the ideal co-ownership into condominium
  • Representation in real estate disputes
  • Drawing up proposals for registration of property ownership and other land registration proposals
  • Legal advice on all legal questions related to real estate
  • Cooperation on construction projects with foreign investors

You are lodging a complaint/objection to health authorities, you are a participant in a health care dispute or you want to exercise certain rights as a Doctor’s Association – our experts will gladly help you with:

  • Representation of Doctor’s Associations
  • Representation of Doctors in court and administrative disputes
  • Drafting letters, complaints, appeals, requests for protection of rights and similar submissions in the proceedings before HZZO, community health centers, the Ministry of Health, Counties or any other associations involved in organization of health care

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