Legal Info

Company name and abbreviated company name:

Law Firm Kasalo & Raić limited liability company
(Law Firm Kasalo & Raić Ltd.)


Split (Grad Split), Hrvatske mornarice 1/J

Personal Identification Number (OIB)


The Court where the company is registered in the Commercial Registry:

Commercial Court in Split

The number under which the company is registered in the Court Registry:
The amount of the company’s share capital and whether the share capital has been paid in full:

The share capital is 350.000 Croatian Kuna

The founders paid ¼ (one quarter) of their stake each, which totals to 87.500,00 Croatian Kuna, while the remainder of the share capital in the amount of 262.500,00 will be paid within the period of time determined by the members of the company by a special decision.

Surnames and at least one name of a member of the Management Board:

Tomislav Kasalo, OIB:30299085866, Split, Šoltanska 20
Hrvoje Raić, OIB: 82088349373, Podstrana, Gošanj 10

The company and the headquarters of the financial institution where the bank account and its number are held (the bank):

OTP Banka d.d.